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Add a sprinkle of magic to your big day with our biodegradable flower wedding confetti, delicately nestled within premium paper cones.

Flaurae's biodegradable, flower wedding confetti is filled with all-natural and beautiful scents from the dried flowers.

Designed not only to look magical for your confetti shot but to also carry a meaningful sentiment as you are exiting the aisle. As your guests sprinkle this confetti at your wedding, you will be showered with good wishes for your next journey.

Both the confetti and paper cones are 100% biodegradable, ensuring that your celebrations leave nothing behind.

The cones are available in these two sizes:
Small: 11.5 x 16 (5cm diameter) - fits half a handful
Large: 13 x 18cm (7cm diameter) - fits one handful
- no assembly required πŸŽ‰

With proper storage in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, the delicate petals will retain their beauty for 6-12 months, preserving the magic of your special day.

What you get: 1 cone + dried flower confetti x the quantity ordered.

At Flaurae Confetti, sustainability isn't just a goal – it's our guiding principle. Rest assured, our paper cones are manufactured using sustainable forestry practices and are FSC certified, ensuring that every celebration contributes to the preservation of our precious environment.

✨ How much flower confetti should I order to achieve a magical confetti shower effect?
A. We advise that you cater to at least half of your guest count. However, depending on the confetti shower effect you want, you may add more so every guest can join the fun!

✨ Should I opt for the small or large cones?
A. For smaller and intimate weddings with fewer guests, ordering large-size cones may be a better choice. This is because you'll need a significant amount of confetti to create a memorable confetti shot that looks magical.

For larger weddings with many guests, you may want to consider ordering small-sized cones. Since you'll have a lot of guests throwing confetti, you won't need to provide a lot much confetti per guest. However, if you still want to have a lot of confetti in your confetti shot, you may want to order the large-size cones.

Ultimately, the decision should come down to personal preference and how much confetti you want to include in your confetti shot.

Customer Reviews

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Anna W
Fast delivery & looks amazing

Fast delivery & looks amazing

Alexa R
Fabulous product and great packaging!

Fabulous product and great packaging!


Came sooner than expected and is beautiful! It's goong look amazing thrown at my daughter's wedding!!

Ivah O
The confetti itself looks nice but we were...

The confetti itself looks nice but we were sent crumpled up Kraft cones and the seller initially didn't accept from the picture that they were not the bamboo cones advertised. I had to send further pictures and whilst I've had a small refund for the cones, I'm not happy that the seller made no effort prior to shipment to let me know of the change of cones. Given I'd already been in contact with them to check shipping to the UK, it is disappointing that it wasn't mentioned at that point that supply of the cones would be affected. Now I have to try and find cones from elsewhere because i specifically chose this product for the bamboo cones.

Soooo beautiful!! It will look amazing for...

Soooo beautiful!! It will look amazing for our wedding exit πŸ₯°
Thank you!!

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